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Advanced Biology

from iTunes U (Free)

Biology is the study of life; an enormously broad topic. The Advanced Biology class at PRHS offers highly motivated students an opportunity to explore the depth and breadth of the...

Anatomy & Physiology

from iTunes U (Free)

Anatomy & Physiology is an upperclass science elective at Poland Regional high School.

Biologia - Professor AMEBA

from iTunes U (Free)

Livros digitais desenvolvidos pelo Professor Ameba.


from iTunes U ($9)

Welcome to the Science Department and especially to Biology class! In this course we will delve into the world of living things. This year we will develop our investigation skills...


from iTunes U ($35)

This course is designed to give students and teachers a basic introduction to biology. This course’s outline is based on the Next Generation Science Standards for life sciences....

Biology University Preparation (Gr 12)

from iTunes U ($7)

This is a grade 12 university biology course which provides assets to support many of the expectations found in each of the five units covered: Biochemistry, Metabolic Processes,...

Biology: Life on Earth

from iTunes U ($29)

The Biology: Life on Earth course on iTunes U brings the groundbreaking innovation of E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth iBooks Textbook into a...


from iTunes U (Free)

Investigate the topic of biotechnology through a rich, multimedia experience from KQED. Videos, animations and interactive graphics explore the basics of biotechnology, how...

Cell Survivor

from iTunes U ($30)

This course is designed for science educators teaching a lesson on plant and animal cells with students from 6th to 12th grade. ...

Circulatie 2013/14

from iTunes U ($9)

De cursus Circulatie is onderdeel van het onderwijs voor studenten Geneeskunde van het Bachelorjaar 1 aan het VUmc Amsterdam en begint op 18 februari 2014. ...

Cultivating Food Security

from iTunes U (Free)

In a time when agriculture is an increasingly important factor in international affairs, CSIS created a program dedicated to providing research, analysis and policy recommendations...

Excavating Origins

from iTunes U (Free)

What makes us human? How did we come to be, and what could we be in the future? These TED speakers tackle humanity’s oldest and deepest questions by playing with primates,...

GCSE Biology Unit B1.7 - Evolution

from iTunes U ($7)

This unit of work looks at different theories of evolution and explores why Darwin's ideas have been accepted. By the end of the unit you will be able to explain natural selection...

Geisinger Neurosurgery - Lumbar Spine Surgery

from iTunes U (Free)

The purpose of this course is to provide lumbar spine and surgery-related education for Geisinger patients with upcoming lumbar spine surgery. The course includes a guide to...

Getting Buggy With It

from iTunes U ($17)

Do insects "bug" you? Explore the world of insects...what they are, where they live and see their life cycle. This one week course is designed for kindergarten and first grade.

HS: Life Science

from iTunes U ($5)


Hacking Consciousness: Consciousness, Cognition, and the Brain

from iTunes U (Free)

Listen to renowned physicists, nutritionists, neuroscientists, etc. as they investigate the nature of consciousness as a field of all possibilities. We'll explore consciousness as...

Homeostase 2013/14

from iTunes U (Free)

In deze cursus wordt aandacht besteed aan het begrip homeostase, het functioneren van het autonome zenuwstelsel en de endocriene systemen bij de gezonde mens. Tevens worden de...

Human genetics

from iTunes U ($39)

The purpose of this course is to investigate the greater questions of life. Where do we come from and how are we all connected? Through research, scientists have discovered that...

IB Biology NEW SYLLABUS (First exams 2016)

from iTunes U ($12)

This course is composed of videos created by Stephanie Castle, specifically aimed at addressing the understandings, applications and skills in the NEW SYLLABUS (first exams 2016)...