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Advanced Placement Comparative Government

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is offered as a one semester course to qualified seniors in high school. It is offered as an introductory course in comparative politics which closely exams the...

Constitutional Law

from iTunes U ($0)

This course covers Origins and Purpose of Law and Theory and Origins of Constitutional Thought. The course introduces students to the foundations of governmental functions and the...


from iTunes U (Free)

Welcome to the study of Federalism!

Government--Political Parties, Elections and Voting

from iTunes U (Free)

Welcome to the study of Political Parties, Elections and Voting!

Government--The Constitution

from iTunes U (Free)

Welcome to the study of the Constituion!

Mock Trial

from iTunes U (Free)

Mock Trial is a student club that meets after school to prepare for competition. Materials are provided by the organization that sponsors the competition. Students take on the...

Reeves AP U.S. Government 2014-15

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a year long course that covers the basic principles of American government, laws and current events.

Workplace Harassment

from iTunes U (Free)

This video contains a brief overview of workplace harassment. It provides examples of harassment and district protocols to follow. ...