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American Foreign Policy

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CRMJ-4280 Spring 2016

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Compares the incidence, trends, control, treatment and prevention of crime across nations using mainstream criminological theories. Examines criminal justice systems from an...

CRMJ-4700 Spring 2016

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Examines the concept, causes, incidence, types, consequences of, and responses to terrorism. Highlights the distinction between domestic and international terrorism and expands on...

Childhood and the law

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While a safe and secure childhood is something all societies seem to value, children’s welfare is complex and often controversial. ...

Constitutional Criminal Procedure

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This course is designed to study the constitutional provisions and Supreme Court decisions affecting law enforcement procedure, including due process of law generally, arrest,...

Criminal Justice Operations 1

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This course is to introduce the student to the history, goals, and career opportunities in the Criminal Justice Profession. It also covers ethics and professionalism,...

Criminal Law

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This course is designed provide an overview of the legal elements that apply to criminal law, procedure, and evidence, including proof, intent, conspiracy, classifications of...

Introduction to Business Law

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In this introductory subject, students examine legal institutions and practices such as law making and interpretation of laws. The law of contract and its place in commercial law,...

Introduction to Intelligence

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An upper-division introduction to the field of intelligence and the U.S. Intelligence Community, and how it works within the framework of the Department of Homeland Security.

Justice, vengeance and forgiveness

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What do we mean by justice? This challenging and wide-ranging learning pathway explores what justice means. The first half of the pathway looks at alternative definitions of...

Juvenile Corrections

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Explores various strategies for prevention of adult and juvenile crime with particular attention to the theoretical and empirical bases for these approaches. Students will develop...

Laying down the law

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In the Western democratic tradition there is a very distinctive and powerful understanding of the rule of law, and the nature of justice. But in this system, who decides what...

Legal and Ethical Issues in Juvenile Justice

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An overview of legal issues and course decisions related to juvenile justice. An analysis of the various ethical issues surrounding juvenile justice contexts and practices.

The Brookings Cafeteria Podcast

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The Brookings Cafeteria Podcast features in-depth conversations with experts about their ideas and research. The podcast was recognized as Best News & Politics podcast by the...