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From July 22 to 27, 2012, Washington, DC will host the nineteenth international AIDS conference, known as AIDS 2012 . Since the first...

Adolescent Health and Development

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The course consists of lectures, readings, discussions, panels of guest speakers, group and individual projects. The purpose of the lectures, readings, discussion and panels of...

Case Studies in Primary Health Care

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This course introduces students to the origins, concepts, and development of community-based primary health care through case studies from both developing and developed countries....

Clinical Experience III

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Practicum in which NRSP 3445 is implemented. The student designs, implements and evaluates care for individuals and families with acute and chronic illness across the lifespan in...

EACS Health

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This course contains resources for EACS Health courses.

Emergency Medicine iPad Program

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Orientation materials and tools for the UC Irvine Department of Emergency Medicine's iPad Program. ...

Freshman Boys Physical Education Coach Bailey

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Health Science 1

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This course is part of the secondary Health Core consisting of an overview of the human body, both structurally and functionally with emphasis on the pathophysiology and...

Health Science 2

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This course is part of the Secondary Health Core designed to provide the student with an in depth knowledge of the health care system and associated occupations. Emphasis is...

Historia Clínica

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Curso de Historia Clínica de la Escuela de Ciencias de la Salud. Anáhuac, Querétaro.

Introduction to the Health Professions

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A survey of the health professions and requirements for educational, job and market demands in selected health careers, including health promotion philosophy, goals, history and...

Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries

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Introduces mental health as an integral part of global health research, including conducting needs assessments and intervention monitoring and evaluation. Presents and critiques...

Le système immunitaire

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Ce cours permet de comprendre les bases du fonctionnement de notre système immunitaire. ...

Medical Office Systems and Procedures

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This course prepares students for the administrative tasks relevant to operating and supervising a medical office of health professionals. Students learn to plan and organize work...

Nursing Care III

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Practicum in which NURS 3314 is implemented. The student designs and implements care for adults and children in a secondary care setting. A clinical laboratory fee will be...

Nursing Care IV

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Practicum in which theory from NRS 3344 is implemented or expanded. The student designs, implements, and evaluates care of individual clients and families in secondary care...

Nursing Care V

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Practicum in which NRS 4312 and NRS 4343 are implemented. Provision of health promotion, health maintenance, and disease management nursing care in home-based and community-based...

Nursing Theory and Advanced Practice

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Emphasis is placed on the critique, evaluation, and utilization of nursing and other relevant theories that apply to advanced nursing practice and a comprehensive approach to care....

Public & Community Health for Business

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This course is an introduction to public and community health issues and problems at the local, state and national levels oriented towards business professionals.


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This course expands upon research knowledge acquired at the baccalaureate level and focuses on in-depth study of the research process, theory-based research, data collection and...