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20 Essential Cooking Techniques

from Craftsy ($14)

Master 20 accessible techniques that make cooking faster, easier and more delicious.

25 Essential Baking Techniques

from Craftsy ($39)

Master 25 tried-and-true baking techniques, and enjoy the "MMMs" and "Oh, wows" your new skills elicit from grateful loved ones.

25 Essential Grilling Techniques

from Craftsy ($24)

Learn the techniques you need to grill your best meat, fish, veggies and more!

A Better Cook in 10 Dishes

from Craftsy ($19)

Transform your cooking with 10 classic dishes! Discover time-saving techniques and go-to recipes for lasagna, chicken and even macaroni and cheese.

A Modern Take on the Mother Sauces

from Craftsy ($24)

Master the mother sauces at the heart of French cuisine with whisk-by-whisk instruction from chef and cookbook author James Peterson.

Artisan Bread Making

from Craftsy ($19)

Instructor and author Peter Reinhart's fresh perspective on bread-making goes beyond the recipes and raises your baking skills to another level.

Artisan Bread Making: Ancient & Sprouted Grains

from Craftsy ($29)

Experiment with new flours and sprouted grain recipes for your most flavorful bread yet.

Artisan Bread in Minutes

from Craftsy ($39)

Learn the secrets to making fresh, artisan-style breads in no time, from classic baguettes to braided loaves and even hearty sandwich breads!

Artisan Cheese Making

from Craftsy ($19)

Mary Karlin, author of Artisan Cheese Making at Home, shows cooking enthusiasts how to create three flavorful handmade cheeses in your home kitchen.

Asian Noodle Essentials: Pad Thai, Ramen & More

from Craftsy ($29)

Make delicious Asian noodle dishes at home!

Asian Wrap & Roll

from Craftsy ($24)

Make healthy eating fun and flavorful with Steamy Kitchen�s Jaden Hair! Master spring rolls, lettuce wraps, sushi and more.

Authentic Italian Soups

from Craftsy ($39)

Bring family and friends together around your table with classic Italian soups you can create from scratch!

Authentic Thai Cooking: The Classics

from Craftsy ($24)

Learn traditional techniques to bring the exotic, fiery flavors of authentic Thai food to your table!

Bake Your Own Bagels, Bialys & Pretzels

from Craftsy ($24)

Go beyond traditional loaves and elevate your bread baking with homemade bagels, pretzels and bialys.

Baking Boot Camp: Cakes & Crusts

from Craftsy ($24)

Learn the secrets to baking cakes and pies that are always a success! From a decadent chocolate layer cake to the perfect apple pie, get ready to impress.

Baking With Spices: Techniques for Big Flavor

from Craftsy ($29)

Get the most from your spices! Infuse new and exciting flavors into classic desserts for results that delight the palate and use less sugar.

Baking With the Gluten-Free Girl

from Craftsy ($39)

Mix your own gluten-free flours and make decadent pies, luscious yellow cakes and satisfying chocolate chip cookies. The Gluten-Free Girl shows you how!

Big Bowls

from Craftsy ($24)

Make six vegetarian one-bowl wonders that are healthy, filling and bursting with flavors that delight any night of the week!

Building Flavorful Soups

from Craftsy ($34)

Easily create and customize delicious bowlfuls for any occasion!

Chinese Takeout Favorites

from Craftsy ($24)

Kiss takeout goodbye! Learn to make fresh, flavorful Chinese favorites at home, from General Tso's chicken and wonton soup to crispy egg rolls and more.