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Building a Raised-Bed Garden

from Craftsy ($39)

Create a raised-bed vegetable garden and learn essential woodworking skills along the way in this class presented in partnership with Lowe�s.

Gorgeous Garden Design

from Craftsy ($29)

Discover how to create relaxed and inviting garden spaces ranging from a personal oasis to everyone's favorite hangout!

Grow Better Greens

from Craftsy ($29)

Learn how simple it is to grow greens, edible flowers and herbs in your backyard for fresh, delicious salads you�ll crave!

How To Grow Anything: Make Your Trees & Shrubs Thrive

from Craftsy ($39)

Discover techniques for selecting, growing and maintaining gorgeous trees and shrubs that will transform your outdoor spaces into the relaxing oasis you deserve.

How to Grow Anything: Container Gardening Tips & Techniques

from Craftsy ($29)

Bring joy to any space, with simple techniques for unforgettable container gardens featuring perennials, annuals, grasses, vegetables, fruits and even trees.

How to Grow Anything: Food Gardening for Everyone

from Craftsy ($39)

Grow your green thumb � and any food you please! Learn smart strategies for veggies, fruit and more that make bringing fresh food to your table a breeze.

How to Grow Anything: Your Best Garden & Landscape

from Craftsy ($29)

Discover the simple techniques you need to plant and maintain the garden of your dreams, no matter where you are.