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Adding Dynamic Functionality to Your Joomla! Site

from (Subscription)

If you already have a Joomla! site and want to take it to the next level, this workshop from trainer and consultant Laura Gordon is for you. This course shows how to take a basic...

Adding Google Maps to Android Apps

from (Subscription)

Learn to add interactive maps to mobile applications with the Google Maps Android API, a free Google Play service included on almost every Android device. It all starts with...

Adobe Edge Code and Brackets: First Look

from (Subscription)

Get a first look at Edge Code, the impressive new code editor from Adobe, and its open-source cousin Brackets. Learn about the differences between the open-source and the...

Advanced Unity 2D: Platformer Player Movement

from (Subscription)

Learn the foundation of player movement in 2d platformer games. This course offers a breakdown of common player behaviors as well as some advanced techniques to bring your 2D...

Affinity Designer Quick Start

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

Affinity Designer is an amazing new app for Mac which is taking the design world by storm. Designers everywhere are reporting that they’re dropping their old graphics software...

After Effects: Creating a Mobile App Interface

from (Subscription)

Most apps follow the same interface design principles—principles defined in the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone specifications. Prototyping your interface with tools like...

Android 6.0 New Features for Developers

from (Subscription)

Find out what Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) has to offer app developers like you. Google has updated their robust mobile operating system with even more new features, including new...

Android App Development Essential Training

from (Subscription)

Learn everything you need to know to get started building Android apps with Google's Android Studio and Android SDK. David Gassner starts with a brief look at the history of...

Android N First Look for Developers

from (Subscription)

Android N is the next version of Google's blockbuster operating system for mobile devices. Developers can experiment with the new features and capabilities using the Android N...

Android SDK Unit Testing

from (Subscription)

Make sure every part of your Android mobile app works perfectly. Test your application at the unit level using unit testing and the built-in tools in the Android SDK. Learn to...

Android Studio Essential Training

from (Subscription)

Want to develop Android apps? You need Android Studio—the only IDE fully supported by Google for Android app development. This course is fully revised for 2016, covering all the...

Android Studio Essential Training (2015)

from (Subscription)

Want to develop Android apps? You need Android Studio—the only IDE fully supported by Google for Android app development. This course runs through all the essential features of...

Animations and Transitions in the Android SDK

from (Subscription)

The Android SDK offers many ways to create visually compelling animations and screen transitions for mobile apps. This course starts with an overview of the different animation...

Apple Pay for Developers

from (Subscription)

Apple Pay gives users an easy, secure, and private way to pay for physical goods and services using payment information stored in their device running the iOS 8 app. By using Touch...

Arduino Pulse Width Modulation

from (Subscription)

Pulse width modulation (PWM) is an essential skill for connecting Arduino microcontrollers to motors or lights, providing a way to approximate analog voltage levels with digital...

Becoming a Web Developer: Full Stack vs Front End

from (Subscription)

Do you want to become a web developer? Nowadays, web development isn't one job. There is a range of technologies and career options to explore. The core responsibilities are split...

Bob Nicoll: Training The Creative Professional

from (Subscription)

Bob Nicoll has been training creative professionals for over 25 years. The short list includes filmmakers, artists, engineers, designers, producers, and all kinds of product...

Build a Match 3 Game with Unity

from (Subscription)

Match 3 games are simple puzzle games where the player is asked to pair three or more identical items on a tiled game board. Popular modern variations include Candy Crush and...

Build a Raspberry Pi Media Server

from (Subscription)

The most popular use of Raspberry Pi is for custom media servers. All you need is a Pi that has access to your entertainment system and a copy of OSMC, an open-source media center...

Building Apps for Android Wear Devices

from (Subscription)

Build apps for the Internet of Things with Android Wear! This popular mobile operating system powers a new generation of wearable devices, including smartwatches made by Samsung,...