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10 Essential Techniques for Better Drawing

from Craftsy ($14)

Improve your drawing to create more realistic results. Discover easy-to-learn principles of composition, perspective, value, form, mark-making and more.

10 Marvelous Mixed Media Techniques

from Craftsy ($19)

Bring new energy and interest to your work. Learn inspiring mixed media techniques for working with a variety of acrylic paints, mediums and dry materials.

20 Essential Techniques for Better Bags

from Craftsy ($39)

Bring greater style and structure to all of your handbags! Learn how to easily install linings, zippers, pockets, handles and more in any bag project.

20 Fresh Appliqu� Techniques

from Craftsy ($39)

Unlock appliqu� bliss as you breeze through advanced fusible techniques. Let your appliqu� skills bloom through four fresh, charming projects.

20 Things Every Machine Embroiderer Should Know

from Craftsy ($19)

Build a foundation of essential skills every embroiderer should know, so you can conquer each step of machine embroidery with the utmost confidence!

20 Things to Know Before You Sew

from Craftsy ($29)

Get set up for success before you even sit down at your machine! Learn essential preparation techniques that will produce better results in every sewing project.

20th – 21st Century Art

from iTunes U (Free)

This course presents a comprehensive study of the varied art forms from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, focusing upon the major artists and art movements,...

21 Techniques for Playful Cookies

from Craftsy ($24)

Learn how to make cute cookies with simple techniques for playful textures, fresh effects and designs that surprise!

3 Blocks 30 Quilts

from Craftsy ($39)

Create original one-block quilts with standout style. Discover the setting magic that lets you turn three versatile blocks into 30 dynamic quilt layouts.

40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know

from Craftsy ($24)

Learn to read between the lines of any sewing pattern as instructor Gail Yellen teaches you 40 essential techniques that every sewer should know!

40 Techniques Every Stamper Should Know

from Craftsy ($14)

Make the most of your stamping supplies! Learn trendy techniques, create incredible designs and get answers to all your stamp-related questions.

40 Ways to Cast On & Bind Off

from Craftsy ($29)

Choose and use the best cast-ons and bind-offs for every knitting need. Start and finish all your knitting with a look you love and the perfect amount of stretch.

A Cake for Every Occasion

from Craftsy ($39)

Deliver unexpected cakes and unforgettable reactions using versatile decorating techniques. Create adorable teapot cakes perfect for a range of special occasions.

A Cake for Every Season

from Craftsy ($39)

Decorate cakes that capture the distinctive beauty of every season and the undivided attention of any client. Enhance events year-round with four gorgeous designs.

A New Look at the Crooked Cake

from Craftsy ($29)

Captivate any audience with classic and modern crooked cakes. Defy gravity and decorate with dynamic quilling techniques to deliver cakes that never fall flat.

A Practical Approach to Color for Knitters

from Craftsy ($14)

Choose the perfect combination of colors for your projects every time! Discover which hues play well together, what bonds them and which guidelines you can rely on for success.

Acrylic Color Mixing Made Easy

from Craftsy ($19)

Mix the colors you're dreaming of using just a handful of paints. Plus, learn what causes muddy colors so you only create them on purpose.

Acrylic Landscape Painting

from Craftsy ($24)

Expand your horizons in acrylic painting with Bennett Vadnais and learn valuable techniques for color mixing, glazing, texture and detail work.

Acrylic Landscapes Close to Home

from Craftsy ($19)

Find inspiration in the world around you�paint dazzling landscapes from photos of your neighborhood with the help of acrylic artist Susan Stillman.

Acrylic Painter's Toolbox

from Craftsy ($39)

Explore more than 20 essential acrylic techniques! Add inspiring richness and professional quality to your paintings as you plumb the depths of modern acrylic mediums.