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1:1 iPad Implementation

from iTunes U ($6)

Immaculata-La Salle will begin a 1:1 iPad program for all of its students beginning in the 2012 - 2013. This iTunes U course will provide an overview of the major components of the...

2nd Grade Touch Money

from iTunes U (Free)

Each coin is explained and introduced using touch points to count change.

3D Modeling

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is designed to allow the students to become fluent in the 3D Modeling process. ...

6th Grade English

from iTunes U (Free)

English Literature and writing will be two major parts of this class.

6th Grade LA - I AM A TAXI

from iTunes U (Free)

A 6th Grade course in language arts.

7th Comm Arts

from iTunes U ($8)

Testing iTunes U for Comm Arts classes

7th Grade ELAR

from iTunes U ($23)

7th Grade ELAR

7th Grade Pre-AP English

from iTunes U ($0)


8th Grade Math

from iTunes U (Free)

8th grade math lessons

8th Grade Technology BETA

from iTunes U ($9)

Photography Videography Video Production Video Editing Sound Editing ...

AP U.S. History

from iTunes U (Free)

In Spring 2013, Frankel Jewish Academy AP U.S. History students created songs related to varies topics discussed in class.

AP World History

from iTunes U (Free)

The breadth of world history poses challenges to create opportunities for students to have a deep conceptual understanding. The AP World History course addresses these challenges...

Algebra 2

from iTunes U (Free)

This course expands on the topics covered in Algebra I and Geometry, providing further development of the concept of a function. Major topics include the complex number system,...

American Literature for English 3

from iTunes U ($17)

American Literature emphasizes critical reading approaches to effectively interpret and evaluate meaning of complex literary texts and synthesize ideas from informational texts....

Apps & Tools for LFA Teachers

from iTunes U ($41)

Recommended apps for teachers who are new to the iPad as an instructional tool. Download apps directly from this list. If you're an LFA faculty member, use Absolute Apps (LFA's...

Apps for Research and Media Literacy

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a collection of apps and web resources recommended by the Library and Information Services department at Lake Forest Academy. Teachers and students alike will benefit from...

Beginning Guitar 2014-15

from iTunes U ($23)

Beginning Guitar (A018) 1.0 credit (6 track ) Beginning Guitar is a performance based class for 9-12 grade that...

Beginning Strings

from iTunes U ($26)

This is full year course is designed for students with little or no string instrument background. Studentes enroled in this course will build and maintain musical stamina,...

Being an International Digital Citizen

from iTunes U ($39)

Welcome to Roslyn's China Initiative. As part of this program, each of you will be expected to maintain and establish a weblog, or blog, to document your adventure. Using your...

Chemistry 3 Track

from iTunes U (Free)

3 Track Chemistry at Loyola Academy