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AP Biology Please do not enroll in this class. Instead enroll in the new version. Use JL9-K6V-NV5 to enroll. AP Biology

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Garces Memorial High School


Jennifer Kloock, Unknown

Life Sciences



This course will be replaced on August 31, 2014 with a private course. If you would like to enroll in the private course, you may use code JL9-K6V-NV5. Thanks This course has been designed to provide students the tools and knowledge needed to successfully complete a first year college-level biology course. Rather than focusing on a series of facts and data, this course aims to develop critical thinkers capable of conducting scientific studies. This requires that students make science happen using inquiry based labs and student led discussions. Information is learned within a larger framework context so students can make connections between concepts rather than learn a set of seemingly unconnected facts. Labs are inquiry based, requiring students to create questions and hypotheses, determine experimental design, and evaluate data to determine whether or not the hypotheses can be supported. The course has been divided into seven main areas of focus, but each of the areas brings in examples from other areas of focus to ensure that students understand the interrelatedness of the wide array of topics. Chemistry and Cells will focus on the nature of biological matter, its form, function, composition, and the way it can move energy from one molecule to another as well as cell structure and function, and homeostatic means and regulation within an organism. Heredity will focus on the nature and transmission of genetic material as well as current technology in manipulating that genetic material. This area will also focus on the ethics of such technology. Evolution will focus on the idea that species change over time in predictable ways due to a number of different factors including climate or environmental change and random events. Evolutionary History will examine the diversity of life and the origins of complex life forms and how they all fit together. Plants will cover form and function as well as diversity and signaling. Animals will cover major systems as well as form and function. Ecology will focus on the interdependence of all living organisms.

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