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The Making EBM Simple Series

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New York University


Unknown, Michael Mojica, Ricardo Veloz Cárdenas




Welcome to the M*E*S*S (The M aking E vidence Based Medicine S imple S eries) Each of the six modules in the series highlights the essential critical appraisal concepts by reviewing an article from the medical literature. The modules correspond to the most frequently asked clinical questions. These include: therapy, prognosis, harm, diagnostic testing, clinical decision rules and meta-analysis. The slide sets and screencasts utilize a structured approach to illustrate key critical appraisal concepts by using the review criteria presented in the Users Guide to the Medical Literature. The validity of the study design, the results and the studies applicability are reviewed in detail. Elements of study design and basic statistical concepts are included but only when they are relevant to the understanding of the critical appraisal concepts. The six modules of the M*E*S*S Curriculum have been peer review and have been published on MedEd Portal MODULES: QUESTION ADDRESSED: CLINICAL SCENARIOS 1. Clinical decision rules – Identifying clinically important pediatric traumatic brain injury 2. Diagnostic testing – Diagnostic utility of a non-contrast CT scan for appendicitis 3. Harm – Risk of cardiovascular death after exposure to Azithromycin 4. Meta-analysis – Efficacy of a short versus long course of antibiotics for otitis media 5. Prognosis – Risk of mortality after osteoporotic fractures in the elderly 6. Therapy - Efficacy of corticosteroids in mild laryngotracheal bronchitis (croup) A quick note about the order to complete the modules. It is recommended, though not entirely necessary to complete the Diagnostic Testing Module prior to the Clinical Decision Rule Module and toe complete the Therapy Module prior to the Meta-analysis module.